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Canadian Fintech Summit (CFS) | April 9-10 2024

Location: MaRS Discovery District
101 College Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5G 1L7
Lower Concourse, Auditorium

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Connect with us at the 2024 Canadian Fintech Summit (CFS) to explore how we can empower your journey in Fintech innovation.

What can you expect at CFS?

The 2024 CFS will include keynote speakers, pitch battles & networking opportunities all with the focus on Fintech 2.0: the embedding of Financial products and services in applications and programs that people and businesses use everyday.

In addition, you can expect hot topic discussions about Generative AI + Fintech. TSG is excited to connect, learn & engage at the upcoming summit!

Who is TSG?

In the fast-changing world of financial services, it’s crucial to solve the challenges of tomorrow – not just today. The Select Group (TSG) helps you stay ahead, ensuring your technologies communicate effectively by creating streamlined systems and consolidated solutions that offer the best experience to the customer.

Industry Specialization

We operate on an industry-focused model, allowing us to provide maximum value to our clients through specialized support and technical knowledge. For the past 20+ years, we have strengthened domain expertise in Financial Services.

TSG’s Custom Offering: Managed Solutions

TSG’s adaptive service model combines solutions strategy with top-tier technical talent and project oversight, offering peace of mind and time savings for clients. Our managed solution provides value in three key areas:

  • Solution Development: Superior project consulting and solution support.
  • Building & Scaling Teams: Dedicated resources to build & scale teams of high-caliber technical talent.
  • Solution Development: Critical project and engagement oversight to see initiatives across the finish line.

“We trust TSG. They listen to my challenges and provide proactive solutions. They are very professional and flexible in meeting our needs.”

Managed Solutions Client

Modern digital data network

TSG Expertise: Agile, Cybersecurity, and GRC

TSG has a proven track record in supporting Agile Development, Cybersecurity, and Global Risk and Compliance (GRC) in the Financial Industry, and supports one of the largest Fintech companies in the world with a strong presence in Toronto.

  • TSG builds and scales Agile Development squads, ensuring accountability to agreed velocities and providing oversight by internal Scrum certified Engagement Managers.
  • With a focus on Cybersecurity, we provide customizable solutions to ensure banking clients stay compliant with rapidly increasing regulations.
  • TSG specializes in Global Risk and Compliance, helping companies navigate regulatory landscapes and stay ahead of industry demands.

Meet the Team


Employee headshots

Fletcher Emery

Sr. Vice President, Financial Services

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Emily Bednareck

Director of Business Development

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Gary Hodgson

Sr. Managing Director, Financial Services

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Meet our Team

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