Project-based Resources

TSG delivers quality talent to support your project-based initiatives. If you need immediate access to specialized talent, we're ready to partner and provide you resources through our high-quality selection process.

What are Project-Based Resources?

TSG understands a project may be temporary with a defined beginning and end in time and, therefore, defined scope and resources. These project teams often require additional talent not currently available within your organization. If you have requirements to access specialized consultants, we are ready to partner and provide resources through our high-quality selection process.

Utilizing cutting-edge methodologies, we connect you with an experienced short- or long-term consultant with the skill set to meet your business needs. We help you identify and place skilled consultants or leverage a contingent workforce over time, offering flexible solutions as a proactive management strategy.

TSG helps you navigate fluctuating workforce needs, identify and place skilled candidates, or leverage a contingent workforce over time. Our consultants become an extension of your workforce, supported by The Select Group in serving our clients and providing a positive experience.

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Our top priority is ensuring the success of our clients and consultants while providing a great experience through unparalleled customer service. The Select Group's internal teams work together to ensure a cohesive, positive customer journey throughout every step of our service offerings.

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Read first-hand how The Select Group has positively impacted lives across a wide range of industries. Across our broad service portfolio, TSG has created tangible value for our clients and opened new opportunities for our consultants.

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