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At The Select Group, we curate digital transformations, organizational growth, and exceptional customer experience across North America. Over the past two decades, we’ve gained a reputation for turning ambitious ideas into feasible output. With a 2021 global revenue of $208 million, our commitment to partnership leaves out the limitations presented by larger companies.

Our Clients

Trusted as partners by a variety of top financial institutions, we steer design plans toward distinguished outcomes.
- Asset Management ​
- Regional & Multi-National Banks
- Insurance ​
- Financial Technology

Impact Areas

Our ability to craft custom-fit solutions extends across a wide spectrum of digital transformation initiatives within the financial services industry.
- Project Management
- Integration Services
- Cybersecurity
- Digital Modernization
- Cloud Computing
- Data Science & Machine Learning
- e-Learning & Instructional Design
- Governance, Risk & Compliance
- Support Services

How We Partner: Managed Solutions

Blueprinting success.

Do you have a proper headcount? Organized milestones? Leveraging our field expertise, we partner to architect a solution responsive to your project’s unique vision, requirements, and timeline.

Top talent at the ready.

Cue the resources. With a solution laid out, we rapidly fill your project with the right talent. How? Our multi-faceted approach utilizes our consultant network, use of technology, and a proactive outreach method.

Defining “done.”

We’re not done until your project is complete. Along the way, our engagement managers track and report performance and deliverables. From start to finish, we remove any functional barriers blocking your project from the finish line.

We're no one without everyone

Our mission is to positively impact lives, which includes enabling the voices and career opportunities of all. As a business, we know that welcoming and including a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives strengthens our organization, and the world as a whole.

TSG is a member of the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ initiative, allowing us to foster several programs related to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.
- Consultant Experience Programs
- Diversity Recruitment Strategy
- Supplier Spend Reporting

Learn more about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at TSG.

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