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Companies needing professional services at a predictable, high-quality level can trust The Select Group’s Professional Services team to deliver. We have an onshore network of seasoned and highly skilled engineers that are the top 5% in their respective areas.

Whether through consultation, architecture development, or software engineering, the TSG team has the experience and knowledge to execute your toughest projects on-time and within budget.

Our Professional Services Capabilities

The professional services team at The Select Group covers a breadth and depth of engineering to provide complete solutions. The following is an overview of the team’s capabilities.

Technology Expertise
• Team Management
• Requirements Definition
• System/Product Design
• Enterprise-level Architecture Definition and Technical Oversight
• Code-level Standards and Design Patterns
• Cybersecurity Design, Implementation, Review
• Internal- and Customer-facing Documentation

Software Development Methodologies
• DevOps, Agile, Iterative
• Secure Development Lifecycle
• Macroservices and Microservices

Application Domains
• Enterprise-level IoT Device Management and Data Collection
• Analytics and Big Data
• Embedded Firmware (RTOS and Linux-based)
• IPv4/IPv6/Mesh Networks
• Machine Learning/AI
• Digital Twins
• Amazon Web Services

Other Skills
• RFP Consultation and Review
• System Simulation and Load Testing
• Solution Issue Identification and Resolution
• Interprocess Communication (REST/SOAP/GraphQL)
• Blockchain
• Database Design and Performance Tuning

• Microsoft Windows
• Linux
• Oracle Database
• SQL Server Database
• Android/IOS
• Kubernetes/Docker
• Microsoft Azure

Programming Language
• Microsoft .Net
• Java
• JavaScript/TypeScript
• Python

Infrastructure Automation
• On-Premise and Cloud-based Software
• DevOps and Deployment Automation
• Source Code Management (SCM) Implementation, Maintenance, Migration
• Git, Perforce, Subversion, TFS
• Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Automation
• Test-driven Development
• Metrics Monitoring (ELK/Prometheus/Grafana)

Professional Services for Utilities

With nearly every member having more than 10 years of utility experience, our uniquely skilled team possesses knowledge that is often difficult to find, offering domain expertise in software, firmware, networks, system engineering and architecture, automation, and more. We provide a complete solution that supports your grid modernization goals from start to finish.

Learn more about our experience in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Distributed Energy Resource (DER), Meter Data Management System (MDMS) and more through our Utilities Professional Services solution resources below.

Learn more about our utilities industry expertise

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